Saturday, September 22, 2012

Choose your own Adventure: Pastries in Paris

            I’ve always thought that macarons might be the most beautiful pastry to photograph. treat, macarons are pink, green, purple, and yellow. They can be stuffed full with raspberries, chocolate, or cream. They can be stacked tall on a plate and put in any light. They always look delicious. The Frenchness of macarons somehow makes them tastier, fancier, and more photogenic to me than they would be otherwise. I daydream often about stepping into a patisserie on a cobblestone street and leaving with a box of macarons tied with a bow to match the treats inside. To be honest, my French dessert daydreams aren’t limited to macarons.
            USA Today Travel writer Anne Banas must share this pastry filled dream with me. In a review about the “most scrumptious pastry shops in Paris,” Banas explains her double life as a writer and pastry student. What’s more, Banas takes a trip to France and illustrates each pastry she finds in her favorite patisseries. Banas eats all the pastries I dream about and gives special attention to some macarons at a bakery called Laudree.
            This special review of all pastries French makes me drool. It combines travel and some of the most delicious food in the world—and includes a photo of some beautiful macarons to boot!
            Pay attention to the variety of treats as you read this piece! I can’t wait to hear what you all think on Tuesday!


  1. When I was in Paris I loved Laduree! I can't wait to talk about all the deliciousness in class.

  2. The photos all look delicious! Class trip to France anyone? I agree with Kate, can't wait to talk about dessert in class tomorrow!

  3. Funny thing: so much history connected to food and place!